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Angella Green-McNish

Phone: 1(876) 879-3725
Angella Green-McNish, is the founder and CEO of Yourservices2. She is a certified professional secretary, paralegal, office manager who also possesses certification and experience in office accounting. She is undeniably gifted with over 25 years’ wealth of knowledge and experience in the business sector and in particular the legal field, having previously worked with the Westmoreland Co-operative Credit Union, Erskine, Green & Company and more recently Chen, Green & Company.
She is a Justice of the Peace and a Minister of Religion serving in the Island of Jamaica who works closely with people and various groups in and outside of her community, parish and country offering encouragement, hope, counselling and guidance in all areas, including business and finances.
She is strong-minded and motivational and strongly believe that you can achieve any set goals by making “a single step without fear.” For her, once you can think, you can achieve it through hard work and dedication, plus, it doesn’t matter where you have fallen in life, you can rise above and start afresh. She will teach and mentor you how to rise up and how to avoid minor and major business pitfalls and mishaps. It is her optimum desire to help businesses move away from the regular and step into the newest and most effective service platform.

When you discover who you are, your worth and your purpose you are like a butterfly (fly).

Angella G-McNish.


To provide courteous, competent, professional and reliable service to our clientele and referrals alike on demand.


To stimulate and help propel your dream/vision/business/organization into the next level by working with you from outside your walls.
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